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A Journey to Vietnam and Reconciliation, By Susan Quaglietti RNP, Kay Montgomery LCSW, and David Klein PsyD, US Department of Veterans Affairs Web Site

Healing Our Warriors:Sharing the burdens veterans carry can help bring peace to their troubled souls

By Charlotte Cuthbertson, Epoch Times

Drafted Into A Different Kind of Service, by Christine Graf, PTSD Magazine (Article appears on Page 50)

Of Pachyderms and Paratroopers by G.A. Bradshaw and Ed Tick, Huffington Post

Like Wandering Ghosts David Kupfer interview with Ed Tick


Female Vets, Special Needs: More Vulnerable, Less Support By: Kate Dahlstedt, LMHC

PTSD expert says trial lawyer lacked understanding of disorder  

Heal the Warrior, Heal the Country by Ed Tick, yes! Magazine

The Burning Heart of a Bodhisattva, by Edward Tick

Faces of Faith Interview with Dr. Edward Tick, Albany Times Union

Transforming Our Communities to Heal Our Veterans by Ed Tick

The Ft. Hood Tragedy Belongs to Us All by Ed Tick

Friendly Fire by Ed Tick

What Is a Warrior? by Ed Tick

Torture and the American Soul by Ed Tick


Caring Means Sharing the Burden by Kate Dahlstedt


Children of Military Families: Common Issues by Kate Dahlstedt


Spouses and Lovers: Key Issues by Kate Dahlstedt


Commentary on the Film Soldiers of Conscience by Kate Dahlstedt

Sentry poem by Kate Dahlstedt

An Honored Guest by Dr. Roger Brooke, Soldier's Heart Board of Directors President

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