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The following resources are recommended by Soldier's Heart. You may order them using the links to their publishers.

War and the Soul: Healing Our Nation’s Veterans from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Edward Tick, Ph.D.

Book: $19.95 - Paper Quest Books

DVD: $15.95 [$17.95 PAL] - A brief 90 minute synopsis of War and the Soul Quest Books

The key to healing post-traumatic stress disorder, says psychotherapist Ed Tick, is in how we understand PTSD. In war’s overwhelming violence, the soul—the true self—flees and can become lost for life. He redefines PTSD as a true identity disorder, with radical implications for therapy. First, Tick establishes the traditional context of war in mythology and religion. Then he describes in depth PTSD in terms of identity issues. Finally, drawing on world spiritual traditions, he presents ways to nurture a positive identity based in compassion and forgiveness. War and the Soul will change the way we think about war, for veterans and for all those who love and want to help them. It shows how to make the wounded soul whole again. When this work is achieved, PTSD vanishes and the veteran can truly return home.

The Golden Tortoise
Edward Tick, Ph.D.
$14.95 Paper

Red Hen Press

This journal of poems and prose takes readers on journeys through Viet Nam today, visiting its sights to replace images of suffering with images of healing.

Sacred Mountain: Encounters With the Vietnam Beast
Edward Tick, Ph.D.
$14.00 Paper

Moon Bear Press

The War After the War: A Warrior's Journey Home
John Wesley Fisher
Revealing the Soldier’s Heart Model for healing PTSD

The War after the

"The horrible road to war can be traveled far too easily and even against our will. In contrast, the road home is long, difficult, confusing, and tragically unmapped. John Fisher has walked these roads through war's furnace and home with his eyes, heart, mind and spirit wide open. He has examined all that lies in his own conscience and soul. He has peeked into corners of self, healing and society that few examine. He has restlessly searched to understand war's wounding and contribute to its healing. For all these reasons and more, John Fisher's witness should be heard and heeded.  With courage, devotion and love, John has transformed himself from veteran into spiritual warrior. In this book, The War After the War, he maps his journey so that others can also find their ways home and to self." -- Ed Tick, Co-director of Soldier's Heart

The Practice of Dream Healing: Bringing Ancient Greek Mysteries into Modern Medicine
Edward Tick, Ph.D.
$18.95 Paper

Quest Books

Voices in Wartime Education Project

“The grief that a soldier feels when a comrade is killed or severely maimed, is akin to the grief of a mother whose child has just been killed.” -- Jonathan Shay, in the Voices in Wartime Anthology

Voices in Wartime Feature-length documentary DVD (for individual use)

74-minute documentary that delves into the experience of war through powerful images and the words of poets - unknown and world-famous. Soldiers, journalists, historians and experts on combat interviewed in Voices in Wartime add diverse perspectives on war's effects on soldiers, civilians and society. Also includes the short film Beyond Wartime.

Voices in Wartime DVD

Voices in Wartime Anthology

Andrew Himes and Jan Bultmann, editors

240-page book includes poetry, essays, and narratives based on interviews conducted for the feature-length documentary film Voices in Wartime.

Voices in Wartime Anthology

Voices in Wartime Education Project: Curricula for High School and College Classes

Kit includes DVD, Discussion & Action Guide, Poetry in Wartime teacher’s guide, US Wars in Asia teacher’s guide, The Great War teacher’s guide, plus 240-page Voices in Wartime Anthology.

Voices in Wartime Education Project

YouTube - Melissa Storms teaching Voices in Wartime (7 min.)

Voices in Wartime Poetry CD

31 Poems from the Voices in Wartime Anthology and the feature-length film. Includes poems read by their authors from around the world from Iraq to London, Baghdad to Seattle, as well as poems from the past by poets such as Wilfred Owens, Alan Seeger, Emily Dickinson, and Langston Hughes. Music composed by Stephen Lamb and Anton Sanko.

Voices in Wartime Poetry